COMPANY | About us

Since 1989 TRIAS mikroelektronik GmbH has been offering product solutions in the fields of FPGA, IC and PCB design, as well as for the design of wiring harness systems and on board networks.  In 2006, TRIAS expanded through the founding of the subsidiary TRIAS microelectronics SRL in Romania.

Complementing these EDA (Electronic Design Automation) topics, our Application Lifecycle Management (ALM ) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions provide end-to-end monitoring and support of software applications and products throughout its lifecycle.

Our ASIC solutions are characterized by short lead times and low mask costs. A wide range of mature IP cores including ARM products are available. Flexible configurations are achieved through a programmable ASIC core.

Training is an important subject, which is why we provide training to our customers in innovative design and verification processes as well as in the use of our EDA, ALM and PLM solutions.

Experienced TRIAS engineers support our customers with technical details and provide consulting and other services related to our solutions.

Our customers are based in the high-tech electronics market – we have specialised in this market.

Quick Facts 

  • Established in 1989 I 1996 (Limited Company)
  • 2006 founded subsidiary in Romania  
  • Sales partner of Mentor-A Siemens Business since 1999