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Logo Arena Solutions

Arena® Solutions

Arena Solutions helps innovative electronic high tech and medical device companies create products that change the world. The Arena product realization platform unifies product lifecycle (PLM), quality (QMS), and requirements management, allowing every participant throughout the product design and manufacturing process to work together. With Arena, teams accelerate product development and delivery to increase profits. For more information.

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Downstream Logo

DownStream Technologies, LLC

DownStream Technologies, LLC is a progressive software company focused on helping high-tech engineering organizations automate the PCB Release Process. They deliver solutions that allow engineering and manufacturing teams to work together to transition Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) designs into successful, physical products.

DownStream's solutions redefine how engineering professionals post process PCB designs to create and distribute all the deliverables required for a complete PCB assembly release package. CAM350 provides verification, optimization, and output generation to efficiently drive PCB fabrication. BluePrint for Printed Circuit Boards works with CAM350 and PCB CAD systems to help quickly produce comprehensive electronic drawings to drive PCB fabrication, assembly, and inspection.

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Logo Exostiv Labs

Exostiv Labs

Exostiv Labs provides innovative solutions for FPGA design, FPGA analysis and FPGA debugging.

Today's FPGA complexities require a new generation of tools able to extract the most relevant and actionable information out of prototypes and FPGAs in service.

The company`s flagship products are called EXOSTIV ™, a FPGA debug solution with extreme visibility into the FPGAs at full operating speed on any board.

Exostiv Labs is a company incorporated in Wavre, Belgium.

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Mentor Logo

Mentor Graphics Corporation

A Siemens business

Mentor Graphics Corporation, a Siemens business, is a world leader in electronic hardware and software design solutions, providing products, consulting services, and award-winning support for the world’s most successful electronic, semiconductor, and systems companies.

On 30th March 2018 Siemens announced the closing of its acquisition of Mentor Graphics. Mentor is now part of Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) software business, a part of Siemens Digital Factory, a business unit of Siemens AG.

Both units are operated separately until fully integrated.

This fusion opens a new chapter for Mentor.  Once a pioneer in the field of electronic design automation, Mentor is now an integral part of the movement towards the digital factory.  

Long term innovative thinking, own product development and the foresight to invest in adjacent markets have paid off.  Mentor and its unique product portfolio fit perfectly to Siemens.  It will not only increase the Siemens portfolio, but also accelerate the industrial digitalisation.

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Logo Plunify


Plunify is a software company in the Electronic Design Automation market with a focus on FPGA design. Plunify was founded in Singapore in 2009 and is a privately funded company focused on applying machine learning algorithms to FPGA timing and space optimization problems to solve design problems and achieve better optimized, more efficient designs. Plunify has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, China and Japan and has a sales representation network covering all major markets, including TRIAS in Germany for Central Europe and TRIAS in Romania for Southeast Europe. Plunify is part of the Xilinx Alliance Partner and Intel EDA partners programs.


InTime is a machine-learning software that optimizes FPGA timing and performance. FPGA tools such as Vivado™, Quartus™ and ISE™ provide massive optimization benefits with the right settings and techniques. InTime uses machine learning and built-in intelligence to identify such optimized strategies for synthesis and place-and-route. It actively learns from the results to improve over time, extracting more than 50% increase in design performance from the FPGA tools.

Plunify Cloud is a platform that simplifies the technical and security management aspects of accessing a cloud infrastructure. It enables any FPGA designer to compile and optimize FPGA applications on the cloud without having to be an IT expert. This is achieved with a suite of cloud-enabled tools, such as the FPGA Expansion Pack and AI Lab, that provides easy access to the cloud without the complexity of  IT infrastructure and software maintenance.

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Siemens Partner Logo

Siemens digital Industries Software

Digital Factory Division I Software                             

The aim of the Digital Factory Division (DF) is to provide a portfolio of hardware and software products that enable a seamless data link between development, production and suppliers.

Data integration of value chains within industry will increase its importance enormously in the future and become a survival condition for developing / producing companies.  The aim of the Digital Factory Division is to provide a portfolio of hardware and software products which enable a seamless data link between development, production and suppliers. The full digital representation of the physical value chain is the ultimate goal of Siemens.  Their solution platform is called "Digital Enterprise".

Siemens Digital Industries Software helps companies of all sizes worldwide to transform their business and develop innovative products and services. Siemens customers are better equipped to successfully meet the challenges of digitization. The solutions optimise processes from planning and development through to production and the whole lifecycle down to the realisation of innovations.

Market segments Siemens supports

The complete and fully integrated portfolio that spans industries and disciplines.

Xcelerator is our comprehensive and integrated portfolio of software and services that helps companies of all sizes become digital enterprises through a modern and open portfolio of technologies that integrates solutions for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), Embedded Software and Internet of Things (IoT).

Welcome to Xcelerator: Where today meets tomorrow.

  • Product Lifecycle Management – PLM
  • Electronic Design Automation – EDA
  • Computer-aided Design – CAD
  • Simulation
  • Application Lifecycle Management – ALM
  • Internet of Things – IoT
  • Performance Analytics

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