FPGA Verification Day 2021

  • 19. October 2021

We had really hoped that everything would change with this pandemic …

The pharmaceutical industry developed and approved a vaccine in no time at all. But then, there was a bit of a hitch with the distribution at the beginning – and then there were the ever-changing contact regulations. With a heavy heart, we had to decide to hold FPGA Verification Day 2021 live online again.

Of course, we started early on to find speakers who could introduce interesting topics, so an appealing agenda was not a problem. In previous years, we had already gained experience on how to generate interest in such an online event in the world of FPGA developers.

The confirmations came in in droves – from all over the world and from all continents. In the end, we were able to increase the number of participants compared to last year!

This year Klaus Steinheuer, our managing director, started with a nice welcome speech. Certainly very few of the participants knew that TRIAS has existed for as long as the World Wide Web – which is also indispensable these days.

We were very happy to win Eugen Krassin from LEC2 as keynote speaker – he is a real luminary. His talk about the Nexus-based next generation of FPGA`s naturally aroused great interest.

Our technical manager Hans-Jürgen Schwender followed with a completely different topic – why clock domain crossing is so important in FPGA verification. Based on the views of the recordings (found in TRIAS Medi@thek) you can see how valuable this contribution is.

After a short break for coffee and other important things, Stefan Bauer, without whom FPGA Verification Day would certainly never have started, introduced David Lidrbauch’s lecture. Due to the time difference, David had pre-recorded his talk about FPGA`s and the cloud. Unfortunately, the surveys before and after the lecture clearly showed that the cloud is still not really accepted. But that will most certainly change….

Dr. Markus Jäger delivered the next presentation on the topic of functional FPGA design verification with ModelSim – all from a user´s perspective and complete with practical live examples – which made it even more useful for the participants.

Another highlight, Espen Tallaksen’s presentation on UVVM, rounded off the day. Shortly before FPGA Verification Day we had heard from Espen that he would present brand new functions of UVVM – which had not yet been publicly presented! So we also had a world premiere J

As always, at the end there was the Q&A session with all speakers. Question after question was asked, so that we had to stop in the end. But all questions were answered personally by the experts afterwards.

Of course, we also carried out a short survey after the event – and among other things we wanted to know whether an online conference or personal networking in Berlin would be preferred.

Given the international presence, it shouldn’t have surprised us that the majority would prefer the live online version again.

In the New Year we will decide whether we will meet in Berlin in September 2022….