We can provide you with even more comprehensive support in future

  • 30. April 2024

Since May 1, 2024, TRIAS mikroelektronik has been integrated into Cadlog GmbH.Cadlog GmbH is part of VARGROUP, the European market leader for the distribution of high-quality IT solutions.By becoming part of the VARGROUP and the resulting expansion of the product range, such as PCB design, simulation, signal integrity and new product introduction, we will be […]

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Revolutionize wiring and harness design with Capital Essentials

  • 5. January 2024

Electrical systems are more complicated than ever. Today, the electrical and electronic complexity of even the ‘simplest’ machines has increased enormously, creating significant design and manufacturing challenges. Read how Capital Essentials helps you work smarter and faster – with a payback period of 9 months.

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Effective FPGA design and FPGA verification for better performance and higher profitability

  • 2. January 2024

The introduction of digitalization into product development is a crucial step for companies to remain competitive. By innovatively transforming the traditional FPGA design and verification process through the introduction of modern, future-proof software solutions, it is possible to meet today’s requirements with more efficient, precise and cost-effective development cycles for FPGA systems.

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Progress through continuing education

  • 14. December 2023

Continuing education is an important topic and so this year we are again training our customers in innovative design and verification processes as well as in the use of our EDA and ECAD solutions.

This is how we support you in your digital transformation.


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The secret to developing successful aerospace and defense products

  • 2. November 2023

Aerospace and defense (A&D) product manufacturers are struggling with constant change, budget constraints, and increasingly stringent regulations, and are under tremendous pressure to do more with less, faster.

Learn how to overcome these challenges in the blog!

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Recordings FPGA Verification Day 2023 – Watch now!

  • 11. October 2023

A successful FPGA Verification Day is behind us.

It was a pleasure for us to gather renowned experts from FPGA development and FPGA verification to bring you closer to the possibilities of digitalization in product development.

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Pulling strings or using line sets?

  • 28. August 2023


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Recordings FPGA Verification Made Modern 2023 – Watch now!

  • 18. July 2023

Also in this years webinar series FPGA Verification Made Modern, renowned experts in the FPGA field presented their methods and solution approaches for verifying the increasingly complex structures of FPGAs quickly and in high quality.

Get to know this tools and methods too!

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 Recordings FPGA Verification Made Modern – Watch now!

  • 15. February 2023

Also In the last webinar series FPGA Verification Made Modern, renowned experts in the FPGA field presented their methods and solution approaches for verifying the increasingly complex structures of FPGAs quickly and in high quality.

Get to know this tools and methods too!

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Revolutionize the wiring and harness design

  • 8. February 2023

Electrical design is getting more complicated the electrical systems on even the “ products are sometimes beyond what 25 years ago was cutting edge for more advanced industries such as automotive. They often have big engineering teams and the best CAD tools available Today’s electrical engineers need more than basic electrical drawing software they need tools that take the complexity out of the task helping them work smarter and faster.

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 Recordings FPGA Verification Day 2022 – Watch now!

  • 19. January 2023

The beginning of a new year is always an occasion to remember nice events of the last year. One highlight at TRIAS was the FPGA Verification Day at the end of September.

Let’s review FPGA Verification Day 2022!

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Increase quality and efficiency

  • 7. September 2022

A model-based manufacturing engineering flow for the production of wire harnesses automates data exchange and captures undocumented knowledge about design rules.Modern cars, trucks and other vehicles, with their increasingly sophisticated electrical and electronic functions, also demand increasingly powerful wire harnesses. Current wire harness manufacturing processes are struggling to keep pace with this increasing complexity because […]

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  • 5. July 2022

The growing scale and complexity of electrical systems is driving up development costs and increasing the likelihood of failures, which in turn can lead to even higher costs or damage to brand image. The key to overcoming this challenge is to use advanced analysis and simulation tools to detect errors in the early stages of wiring designs, before they impact the manufactured system.

VeSys provides engineers with design and calculation capabilities to quickly create error-free electrical and wiring harness designs on the first try.

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Cross-domain challenges in the development of E/E systems

  • 22. June 2022

Cross-industry trends are challenging traditional methodologies in multiple industries. Electrification is rapidly gaining ground, products in all industries are becoming more intelligent and connected, incorporating sophisticated electronic devices and embedded software. The only way to rise to the challenges of the markets of tomorrow is to evolve your E/E system development methodologies.

Would you like to benefit from a comprehensive E/E system development solution to efficiently develop modern smart products?

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  • 10. May 2022

How ECAD-MCAD INTEGRATION SUPPORTS THE DEVELOPMENT OF MECHATRONIC PRODUCTS THAT ARE INCREASING IN BOTH DEMAND AND COMPLEXITY.The number of electrical systems is rapidly growing, regardless of industry or application. The increasing size of electrical networks can raise the cost of vehicle development two-fold due to the innate cost of the additional wirinig and components and […]

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Make or Buy? A comparison of commercial-off-the shelf solutions and internally developed tools

  • 10. April 2022

Various factors play a role in the “make or buy” analysis. All of these factors must be taken into account when it comes to the question of whether to procure I/O system software as a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) or to develop it internally.

Probably the most difficult to evaluate is the emotional attachment to in-house developed legacy solutions.

This white paper examines the specific advantages and disadvantages of buying a solution on the one hand and in-house development on the other in the area of E/E system development – a process also referred to as the “make-or-buy” decision.

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  • 23. February 2022

Are you looking for a way to improve RTL code and increase team productivity – right from the start?Then Questa Lint might interest you!Questa Lint is part of Questa Design Solutions. Questa Lint implements pre-congruent methodologies for IP, SoC and FPGA development to improve your team’s productivity from the start. It also provides pre-built test […]

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Leveraging ISO 26262 tool certification in IEC 61508

  • 9. November 2021

The majority of safety critical standards contain a section discussing the activities and analysis required to ensure tools deployed in the development of an electronic device won’t introduce bugs into the final product.

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Key factors for the successful implementation

  • 3. November 2021

The automotive industry is currently experiencing an electronic revolution. As design complexity increases, OEMs’ traditional methods and tools are barely able to meet the demands of the new automative landscape.Engineers are being asked to deliver even more sophisticated designs amidst a “perfect storm” of increasing pressures caused by complexity, cost, and change management. Generative design […]

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FPGA Verification Day 2021

  • 19. October 2021

We had really hoped that everything would change with this pandemic … The pharmaceutical industry developed and approved a vaccine in no time at all. But then, there was a bit of a hitch with the distribution at the beginning – and then there were the ever-changing contact regulations. With a heavy heart, we had […]

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Simulation vs Formal Verification

  • 30. August 2021

With the increasing chip complexity checking the design correctness has become a more challenging task.

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100 years of electronics

  • 29. July 2021

Electronics is a branch of physics (hence of electrical engineering) that analyses the emission and the effects of electrons in relationship to electronic devices.

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FPGA Verification Day 2020 – Live Online

  • 8. October 2020

Since the beginning of the year, the Corona crisis has kept us from maintaining personal contacts – and so this year’s FPGA Verification Day had to be switched to the digital track. We were actually looking forward to Berlin and had already found a great hotel as a conference venue, now it was time to […]

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Requirements Management

  • 13. March 2020

Requirements management is one of the 9 main management disciplines that make development processes efficient and secure. The requirements are at the very beginning of the process, which means that the more carefully the requirements are recorded and formulated, the smoother and error-free the process will be.

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Digitization vs. digitalization

  • 9. October 2019

Digitize sounds very similar to digitalize. Actually, the dictionary would tell you they have the same meaning. However, for us, they have very different meanings and the results of the actions are hugely different.

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We are Siemens Smart Expert partner in the field of wiring harness development

  • 13. September 2019

We’ve done it – and are proud to be called Smart Expert Partner of Siemens Digital Industries Software for the ECAD solutions VeSys I Capital, for the development of electrical systems and wiring harnesses.

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What should our children learn?

  • 12. August 2019

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” This is a question which most us of us have been asked when we were children. Each of us answered with the job we esteemed the most –the job of one of our parents, that of a movie character or whatever else was going through […]

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Which is better – desktop or enterprise software?

  • 10. July 2019

When speaking to customers and prospects, very often we have to explain the differences between enterprise CAD software and desktop CAD software because our portfolio includes both.

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From CAD to eCAD….

  • 24. April 2019

Schematic design has been part of the CAD world since its very beginning. Both schematic and layout for the IC and PCB realms were two major directions used in the CAD world.

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When IP Cores Go Bad

  • 27. March 2019

Many of us use 3rd-party IP to accelerate our development process and time-to-market. While IP reuse is certainly helpful, we see customers who are encountering timing and performance issues because of integration challenges. This problem becomes more apparent with design involving high-speed interfaces. Why High-speed Interfaces? Many of these problems have to do with designs.

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