Requirements Management

  • 13. March 2020

Requirements management is one of the 9 main management disciplines that make development processes efficient and secure. The requirements are at the very beginning of the process, which means that the more carefully the requirements are recorded and formulated, the smoother and error-free the process will be.

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Digitization vs. digitalization

  • 9. October 2019

Digitize sounds very similar to digitalize. Actually, the dictionary would tell you they have the same meaning. However, for us, they have very different meanings and the results of the actions are hugely different.

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We are Siemens Smart Expert partner in the field of wiring harness development

  • 13. September 2019

We’ve done it – and are proud to be called Smart Expert Partner of Siemens Digital Industries Software for the ECAD solutions VeSys I Capital, for the development of electrical systems and wiring harnesses.

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What should our children learn?

  • 12. August 2019

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

This is a question which most us of us have been asked when we were children. Each of us answered with the job we esteemed the most –the job of one of our parents, that of a movie character or whatever else was going through our little minds at that time. Now my children are at the age when they are receiving such questions. The answers are funny, ranging from software developer to ski instructor and from professional gamer to vlogger or famous singer.

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Which is better – desktop or enterprise software?

  • 10. July 2019

When speaking to customers and prospects, very often we have to explain the differences between enterprise CAD software and desktop CAD software because our portfolio includes both.

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From CAD to eCAD….

  • 24. April 2019

Schematic design has been part of the CAD world since its very beginning. Both schematic and layout for the IC and PCB realms were two major directions used in the CAD world.

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When IP Cores Go Bad

  • 27. March 2019

Many of us use 3rd-party IP to accelerate our development process and time-to-market. While IP reuse is certainly helpful, we see customers who are encountering timing and performance issues because of integration challenges. This problem becomes more apparent with design involving high-speed interfaces. Why High-speed Interfaces? Many of these problems have to do with designs.

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In the beginning….

  • 7. January 2019

Normally you would expect a review at the beginning of a year – or even a preview on what is to come. Do we always have to follow trends?  Why not go back even further?  And so here is a little story from our Support Team with food for thought.

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Good example for the introduction of a PLM system for SMBs

  • 18. December 2018

Our last blog post, 5 Reasons for Small to Mid-size Manufacturers to Adopt PLM, provides insight into why PLM adoption is important for SMBs in order to meet product development goals and the benefits of selecting a solution that is designed with the SMB in mind. The below case study is a great example of this.


Germany-based Ottobock, now produces the world’s only active prosthetic foot and ankle solution available in the market – the emPOWER Ankle (formerly from BionX Medical). It replaces the function of the muscles and tendons with an actively driven ankle joint, and supports the user by supplying additional energy while walking.

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Quick peek on complex wiring harnesses

  • 28. November 2018

Just in time for IESF 2018 in Munich we received a little story on wiring harnesses.  Thanks for sharing this Vlad.

Some time ago I was pulled over by the Police because my rear fog light was not switched on although it was a misty morning. Only then did  I realize my dashboard warning light for the rear fog light had been on for quite some time. The Police was kind enough to give me a warning only, so I went to an auto repair shop to check that rear fog light.

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5 Reasons for Small to Mid-size Manufacturers to Adopt PLM

  • 19. November 2018

For Small to Mid-size Manufacturing Businesses (SMBs) who are hesitant to adopt a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system, this article offers the top five reasons why they should consider moving forward and investigate solutions (for their market).

Reason 1: Reduce Independent Systems and Separate Silos of Data

PLM provides a central location to track and manage all product related information such as component data, Bill of Materials (BOMs), product documentation, engineering changes and revisions, quality issues, and compliance data. These systems reduce the number of manual/home-grown systems that are commonly used by SMBs (such as Excel spreadsheets, network files and folders, and paper process), for managing engineering documents/drawings, datasheets, and manufacturing files. PLM provides a single system for all users to access this information and delivers more accurate product information, improves knowledge sharing and supports better design processes. In addition, PLM can support better resource allocation for the SMB’s already strapped staff by eliminating the time required to keep spreadsheets/files up to date and cross referencing between spreadsheets.

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  • 24. September 2018

In the future our blog will regularly inform you about the latest developments in the areas of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) as well as the complete digitalisation of business processes.
The digital future is here already. Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and Autonomous Driving are already part of everyday business.

Nearly every day we hear about new developments and progress in the fields of FPGA design, PCB design and wiring harness design. Progress only spoken about yesterday has become reality today. The necessity for Lifecycle Management Systems for new products (PLM) and application development (ALM) is more important than ever before.

Together with international industry experts we will regularly bring you constructive suggestions, news and technical information. Let us inspire you with our vision for the digital world to become a reality.

Your TRIAS Team

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