TRIAS Education Center

Progress through continuing education

  • 22. February 2023

Continuing education is an important topic and so this year we are again training our customers in innovative design and verification processes as well as in the use of our EDA and ECAD solutions.

This is how we support you in your digital transformation.

Our current workshop offerings for 2023 - register now!

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This workshop is intended for developers who want to develop high-speed interfaces between semiconductor components and complex high-speed circuits at board level. The training is suitable for developers who not only design schematics, but also layout and systems.

This workshop is for developers who want to implement high-speed memory interfaces on custom boards. You will learn how to apply signal integrity simulation to optimize high-speed memory interfaces.

Through the workshop you will get a general introduction to the modern verification method UVVM (Universal VHDL Verification Methodology).After the course, participants will know how to structure an FPGA verification platform, implement their testbenches and write test sequencers,

The VHDL 2008 workshop provides an overview of the changes and innovations in the language defined in the IEEE 1076-2008 standard. Among other things, the participants will get to know the innovations and improvements of the language for RTL design.

The course is aimed at FPGA and digital ASIC designers who want to work smarter and more efficiently and develop their products with higher quality. It will be shown how to optimize and accelerate the development and also improve the quality of the design.

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