White Paper Capital Essentials

Revolutionize the wiring and harness design

  • 8. February 2023

Electrical design is getting more complicated the electrical systems on even the “ products are sometimes beyond what 25 years ago was cutting edge for more advanced industries such as automotive. They often have big engineering teams and the best CAD tools available Today’s electrical engineers need more than basic electrical drawing software they need tools that take the complexity out of the task helping them work smarter and faster.

Capital Essentials is used by harness manufacturing companies worldwide, from small, 10 employee companies up to the biggest companies in the industry. With automation capabilities that eliminate many of the most labor intensive and error prone tasks, these companies reduced design cycle times, reduced rework costs
and improved margins.

Read the white paper to learn how the smart features in Capital Essentials can save you time and money, too!

Image Source: Siemens Digital Industries Software