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Application Lifecycle Management Solutions – An Overview

Application Lifecycle Management Solutions – An Overview

Polarion is a unified application lifecycle management (ALM) solution, which enables users to define, build, test and manage complex software systems in a unified 100 percent browser-based solution.  Polarion can serve small teams or thousands of users.

Innovate, problem-solve, and unlock synergies across distributed teams.

Flexible architecture and licensing enables organizations to go as they grow.

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Polarion® ALM

The 100% application lifecycle management solution

Release faster and more frequent while maintaining end-to-end traceability and visibility into your application lifecycle.

Define, build, test, and manage complex software systems in a unified 100% browser-based solution that serves small teams or thousands of users.

Connect teams and projects, and improve application development processes with a single, unified solution for requirements, coding, testing, and release

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      How is the MAC address generated?

      Start a command shell by typing: cmd in the Windows menu search box and then Enter. A command line window opens. Enter: ipconfig /all. All your system network adapters will be listed. Find an adapter with a network connection and copy the physical address. This consists of 6 x 2-digit hexadecimal numbers separated by hyphens.

      Open a terminal and enter the following command: ifconfig. Confirm with Enter.
      Look for the network eth0, depending on distribution it can also have a different name. The line with ether specifies the MAC ID: Here are 6 x 2-digit hex numbers separated by a colon.

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      Polarion® QA

      The complete software solution for quality assurance and testing

      All test management activities are designed, coordinated and logged in a single, collaborative QA environment.

      In this way you benefit from the flexibility of the uniform test platform for all types of test methods, tools and teams. Small groups e.g. quick use of the quick team organization in a single environment. Predefined templates that are easy to edit and adapt allow the project to start quickly.

      Quality assurance departments can carry out an unlimited number of projects - while adhering to very structured test cycles and using a diverse ecosystem of automated and manual test activities. All aspects remain synchronized and completely traceable.

      Polarion® REQUIREMENTS

      The complete solution for requirements management

      Polarion REQUIREMENTS has been designed from the ground up for highly effective, transparent and secure collaboration. This enables teams to work in their familiar environment.

      A unique innovation, which cannot be compared to any other solution:

      Polarion LiveDoc

      Structured specification documents, which are increasingly used by companies of all sizes to record, create, approve, validate and manage requirements, are available online.

      This means that requirements data can be seamlessly integrated into Polarion's test management and / or ALM company solutions. No installations or integrations are necessary, because you can simply add licenses to the Polarion installation.

      Polarion® PRO

      The affordable task tracking solution

      Developers are supported by having access to requirements, test results and error tracking in real time. At the same time, you can minimize the administrative effort by automating routine tasks such as versioning, linking and status reporting.

      By allowing those involved in the process to work with other team members - cost-effectively - on project content, synergies are tapped.

      Ideal for:

      • Developer
      • DevOps and Technology Operations Team members
      • Employees with specific ALM tasks

      Polarion® REVIEWER

      The solution for integrating internal and external approvers

      Internal and external stakeholders can review and comment on work items, create industry-specific electronic signatures, and issue approvals.

      External verification and approval by partners, suppliers and customers can also be made possible by accessing contextual information.

      Project administrators can be assigned access for review with the same granular security level as the same permissions and views of all Polarion solutions. For this purpose, auditor rights can also be used as part of the workflow at project and / or global level.Ideal für:

      • Partners, suppliers and customers
      • Managers who have to confirm completed tasks
      • CFOs who need to approve funding

      Polarion® VARIANTS

      The solution for product line and variant management

      Complex product versions and variants, with industry-leading technologies and integrations, can be designed, developed and managed quickly and efficiently.

      Software variations and adaptations can be defined in terms of features, functionality, supported environments, market considerations, quality features, business requirements, etc.


      Software Requirements Management

      With Polarion® REQUIREMENTS ™ software from Siemens Digital Industries Software, software development teams can effectively capture, create, approve, and manage requirements for complex systems across the entire project lifecycle.

      With Polarion® REQUIREMENTS ™ everything is unified on a secure platform, using the latest web technologies.

      Here is how to accelerate collaboration with these unified software requirements management functions:

      • Create and Links
      • Edit LiveDocs with ease
      • Electronic signatures
      • ReqIF
      • Round-Trip

      Software Change & Configuration Management

      When checking systematic software changes and configurations, you can see the "who, what, when and why" behind each change.

      This allows all changes to be systematically checked to ensure the integrity and traceability of the software throughout the software development process.

      Polarion software change and configuration management includes the following powerful features and flexibility:

      • Artifact timeline
      • Process Configuration timeline
      • Version Management

      Software Reuse & Branch Management

      Polarion saves you time managing single copies of documents.

      Projects are rarely started from scratch; many requirements, codes and tests are used across projects.

      Polarion supports the reuse, distribution and consolidation of data for an effective sequential or parallel project or product line development.

      The Polarion reuse and branch management software is not only simple and clear, but also equipped with the following powerful functions:

      • Distribute changes
      • Live Branch ™
      • Library with official regulations

      Software Agile/Hybrid Project Management

      With Polarion you not only achieve a high degree of flexibility, but also fulfill quality and compliance requirements. Approval processes are kept as lean as possible, but are still compliant. There is also the option of introducing modern, agile process technologies in one step or step by step. In addition, existing project templates that can be adapted to your own requirements are available to provide support.

      With the functions and features of agile and hybrid project management from Polarion, a high degree of flexibility is achieved:

      • Agile project management
      • Company-wide agile development
      • Hybrid water-scrum case
      • Interactive Kanban / Scrum Board
      • Scaled agile framework (SAFe)
      • V-Modell / waterfall project management

      Software Build & Release Management

      Automated, continuous deployment and iterative development processes can be set up to enable faster market launches - without compromising consistency, integrity, and regulatory compliance.

      This ensures that exactly what was planned is built - from detailed product releases to code traceability.

      The software build and release management module has the following powerful functions:

      • Automated audit trails
      • Build Automation & Management
      • Continuous delivery and integration
      • DevOps
      • Release management

      Software Audit & Report Management

      Detailed analyzes and status reports in real time improve decision-making and project implementation.

      Dashboards display the aggregation information in real time based on the actual progress of the planned requests, tasks, change requests, bug fixes, etc.

      Polarion's powerful reporting capabilities let you create custom dashboards in real time:

      • Baseline time machine
      • Live reports
      • Open API - Unlimited access to data
      • Static code analysis
      • WYSIWYG Report Designer

      Software Planning & Ressource Management

      Live planning and more precise tracking of the timing improve the market launch.

      Software planning and resource management are easy and intuitive with these powerful functions:

      • Cross-project planning
      • Live Dashboards
      • Live reports
      • Project transparency
      • Time recording

      Management of software problems & bugs

      All possible and reported errors can be tracked, tasks to minimize risk are planned and assigned.

      Fully featured software problem and error management tracker for managing all types of work items, problems, tasks and errors:

      • Automatic problem and error tracking
      • Automatically assign problems
      • Failure mode and impact analysis
      • Requirements analysis

      Software Test & Quality

      Test management I quality management

      With Polarion, you can design, coordinate, and log all test management activities in a single, collaborative QA environment.

      This means you benefit from the flexibility of the uniform Polarion test platform for all types of test methods, tools and teams. Small groups in particular benefit from fast team organization in a single environment. Projects can be started quickly with pre-defined templates that are easy to edit and adapt.

      This is how the entire test ecosystem can be managed with these uniform test and quality management functions:

      • Automated error reporting
      • Automated verification
      • Automated test case
      • Create and link work items
      • Configuring
      • Polarion HP QC connector

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      Software Variant Management

      Polarion manages software variants and adaptations in terms of features, functionality, supported environments, market considerations, quality features and business requirements.

      You create a dynamic set of requirements for each variant and adjust it according to the specified feature assignment and combination, from which each software variant is composed.

      Polarion Software VARIANTS Management consists of powerful functions with which you can easily manage software variations and adaptations:

      • 150% feature list
      • Effects Analysis
      • Open architecture
      • Reusable asset-based repositories
      • Workflow-based process management

      More information



      With Polarion, product development benefits from a single, self-contained system in which ALM and PLM data and processes are linked.

      The PLM-ALM integration enables transparency across all assets, precisely links firmware with hardware, enables traceability of assets by designers in all phases of the life cycle, and supports operation, maintenance and repairs.

      product and software development teams can work hand in hand. The 5 levels for PLM-ALM integration are:

      • Level 1: Link & Track
      • Level 2: Change & Spread
      • Level 3: Act & Communicate
      • Level 4: Align & Unify
      • Level 5: Collaborate & Report

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      SaaS – Software as a Service

      Development teams do not have time to wait for IT, nor do they want to waste time concentrating on the tedious infrastructure. They want to work together and be innovative, the speed is determined by the need. Because the focus is on completion rather than complexity, the teams want to focus entirely on managing projects, resources and productivity.

      SaaS is a modern cloud-based deployment option that draws attention to IP rather than IT.

      To take advantage of all the benefits that Polarion solutions offer without having to worry about availability, security, performance, or solution updates:

      • Business ready
      • Lowest initial investment
      • Professional maintenance included


      Since openness is the key to success, Polarion was designed for simple integrations. Therefore, Polarion also supports integrations with open source and commercially developed solutions.

      The Polarion Extension Portal contains over 200 templates, solutions and connectors with which functions and interoperability can be expanded.

      The Polarion Extension Portal contains over 200 templates, solutions and connectors with which functions and interoperability can be expanded.

      Ready-to-use integrations in common tools and an extensive range of project templates are available for you to get started right away. With open, free APIs, even apps and extensions can be created.

      More information: Siemens Digital Industries Software