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What is Hybrid SaaS | XaaS | Xcelerator Share?

Xcelerator Share is a cloud medium that can be used to exchange files and design data. It is intended for all those who work in different design domains and need to exchange data with other domains. For the exchange, the administrator can define the participants and their authorizations inside and outside the organization. The data exchange then takes place via an interface integrated in the design tool (NX, Capital, ...) and also in enterprise tools (Teamcenter, ...), via which design data can be exported and imported directly.

In addition to being integrated into design tools, the data can also be accessed via a web browser or a desktop, smartphone or tablet app.

  • Securely publish design data to the cloud and share projects with anyone you allow access to the data
  • Access your electrical, wire harness or topology design data from any device (PC, Notebook, Tablet, SmartPhone).
  • Sync files to cloud storage while you work
Was ist Hybrid SaaS | XaaS | Xcelerator Share?

Source: Siemens Digital Industries Software


ECAD-MCAD Data Exchange

A Capital Logic user exports his Capital Wiring data to Xcelerator Share, to which the NX user also has access. He can then import the data directly into his NX assembly, route the lines and have the 3D information, such as the bundle diameters, updated in his assembly. In the same way, the geometry of the wiring harness can be exported from NX and re-imported and processed in Capital HarnessXC via Xcelerator Share, so that the wiring harness design can be updated to the new MCAD conditions at any time. Import and export take place directly from the respective design tool.

ECAD-MCAD Datenaustausch

Source: Siemens Digital Industries Software

Data exchange with the wiring harness manufacturer

After the harness engineering process has been completed, the design data can be exchanged directly with the employee responsible for production via Xcelerator Share.

  • Secure ad hoc collaboration
  • Eliminate manual data entry errors
  • Respond quickly to design or delivery changes
  • Increase engineering efficiency
Datenaustausch mit dem Kabelbaumfertiger

Source: Siemens Digital Industries Software

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