Safety-critical Design

IEC61508 (functional safety of electrical I electronic I programmable electronic safety-related systems) is an international standard applicable across all kinds of industries.

ISO 26262, which is a standard for functional safety of electrical & electronic components in road vehicles up to 3500kg, is derived from this standard.

Siemens EDA, formerly Mentor Graphics, created Siemens EDA Safe with one overarching goal: Enabling ISO 26262. Siemens EDA Safe ensures that the entire portfolio of automotive tools and products are suitable for use in ISO 26262 SoC, hardware, software, and system design. Siemens EDA provides a broad array of ISO 26262 documentation and tool qualification, with third-party certification for select products such as:

SGS-TUV Saar certified Software Tool Qualification Reports for Questa Advanced Simulation, Questa Verification Management and Questa Clock Domain Crossing (CDC).

Other Siemens EDA Safe highlights include ReqTracer®, an ISO 26262-qualified requirements management tool for complex FPGA and ASIC design.

Siemens EDA's ISO 26262 roadmap includes plans for qualification and certification of more of Siemens EDA's broad design portfolio.

Safety-critical Design

Quelle: TRIAS mikroelektronik GmbH


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