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Capital™ Essentials (former VeSys®) and Capital™ work together

Capital™ Essentials (former VeSys®) data is compatible with Capital™, thus allowing companies to operate within a mixed Capital™ Essentials (former VeSys®) and Capital™ environment. Alternatively, companies can start with Capital™ Essentials (former VeSys®) and upgrade to Capital™ as the design organization and/or requirements grow.

Capital™ Essentials (former VeSys®) shares a common software architecture with Capital™ Electrical and Harness Design Suite. While Capital™ Essentials (former VeSys®) has been optimized for fast deployment and low IT footprint, Capital™ has been designed with larger organisations in mind.

A Capital™ Essentials (former VeSys®) installation easily upgrades to Capital™ allowing risk-free, native data migration. Capital™ includes solutions for

  • physical architecture optimization
  • system design
  • system integration and wiring design
  • electrical simulation and analysis
  • harness design
  • harnessing and documentation generation.

In addition, Capital™ Essentials (former VeSys®) and Capital ™ are able to share common component, symbol, and simulation model libraries.

Software Product Solutions

Compare Capital™ Essentials (former VeSys®) and Capital™

Not sure which product is best for you? Then use the table below to help you in finding the right product.

Both Capital™ Essentials (former VeSys®) and Capital™ can support all of the requirements shown in the table below  – you choose  between lower-cost (Capital™ Essentials (former VeSys®)) or higher automation (Capital™).

Not every company neatly falls into one product category or the other, so if you are uncertain take a look at each of the products on this site or alternatively please contact us for assistance.

Please remember, Capital™ Essentials (former VeSys®) design  and data are fully compatible with Capital™, so if you are still in doubt you can always start with Capital™ Essentials (former VeSys®) and upgrade to Capital™ at a later stage.

Capital™ Essentials (former VeSys®)



Small design teams, multi role designers

Multi-site design teams, specialist design roles

High volume automotive



Typically, less than 1.000 wires

Highly configurable, many variants

Wiring Designs

Typically, less than 40 sheets

Multiple types required e.g. system; wiring; service

Harness Designs

Small production runs

Many variants of a parent design


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