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Wiring system and harness development based on the KBL standard
LDorado® is now part of the Capital family

Capital LD | LDorado is an industry-leading application for wiring harness system design and the software of choice in the most important development departments of premium car manufacturers as well as the international wiring harness system supply industry. The components of the Capital LD | LDorado solution for digital wiring harness system development result in a comprehensive package of wiring harness system design tools for the entire process based on the KBL standard - from the first logical system concept to the complete wiring harness.

Mentor Graphics (now Siemens Digital Industries Software) has taken over the COMSA of Germany.
This leads to a rebranding and renaming of the LDorado products as follows:

Former product name

New product name

LDorado Design

Capital Harness Designer LD

LDorado Cost Accounting

Capital Harness Costing LD

LDorado Vestigo

Capital Harness Analyzer

LDorado Tweaker

Capital Symbol Designer LD


Capital Teamwork Developer LD

LDorado Database Manager

Capital Database Manager LD

The product LDorado Gole SE has been discontinued. Capital Logic is the product of choice for designing logical and physical wiring.

We are happy to assist you with the migration from LDorado Gole SE to Capital Logic.

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      Start a command shell by typing: cmd in the Windows menu search box and then Enter. A command line window opens. Enter: ipconfig /all. All your system network adapters will be listed. Find an adapter with a network connection and copy the physical address. This consists of 6 x 2-digit hexadecimal numbers separated by hyphens.

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      Capital LD | LDorado to Capital Integration

      Ldorado to Capital Integration

      Source: Siemens Digitial Industries Software

      Capital LD | LDorado has now been integrated into the Capital portfolio. This means that wiring harness data created in LDorado can be seamlessly integrated into Capital. This enables easy transfer of manufacturing process data for wire harness production. Design changes are critical to the wire harness development process. With this integration, changes can be updated immediately in any derivative or KSK module. In addition, library and symbol data can be easily synchronized between Capital LD | LDorado and Capital.

      Harness Data Analysis & Viewing

      Harness Data Analysis & Viewing

      Source: Siemens Digitial Industries Software

      The analysis and visualization of wiring system data is essential in the process of wire harness development. The visualization and analysis of technical vehicle data can be done in Capital Harness Analyzer based on established industry formats such as KBL, HCV, VEC and JT. By directly linking document structure and drawing, reports for parts lists and wiring lists can be created very flexibly. In addition, version comparisons can be displayed, and reports generated for accurate change management.  Integrated macros can be used to automate recurring work steps based on company-specific manufacturing processes. One example is the creation of structured BOMs for pre-assembly production steps.

      Harness Engineering & Costing

      Harness Engineering & Costing

      Source: Siemens Digitial Industries Software

      Capital LD | LDorado uses electrical connectivity and topological data, for the sophisticated creation of the harness drawing diagrams. The traceability of the data guarantees that changes to the wiring data is immediately passed down to all derivatives or KSK modules. The comprehensive Capital LD | LDorado tool is designed to effectively support engineers. The design environment is intuitive and supports company-specific intellectual property design rule checks. In addition, form board drawings, bills of materials, drawing comparisons, automated change documentation and more can be defined easily and effortlessly. Capital Harness Costing LD's functionality enables accurate costing, and flexible definition and support of customer-specific manufacturing information and rules (such as schedule times). Within the calculations it is possible to import wiring system data from upstream processes into the KBL format. It is also possible to calculate the correct production time and material quantity for each element of the wiring harness based on previously defined rules.

      Team Collaboration Environment

      Team Collaboration Environment

      Source: Siemens Digitial Industries Software

      Capital LD | LDorado supports entire vehicle projects through the integrated wire harness development environment. This is essential for a successful wire harness engineering process.

      The standard exchange formats for vehicle data KBL or VEC are supported by Capital LD Teamwork. This supports accurate change management and clear manufacturing definition with immediate data flow to all derivatives. Projects are always version controlled in Capital LD | LDorado. Thus, these can be released for production or further processes. Capital LD | LDorado not only integrates wiring harness subsystems into wiring harness data at vehicle level but is also able to validate this data against appropriate design and safety rules. In addition, easy navigation through the entire digital vehicle representation is possible.